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we offer many services for e-commerce website like warehouse, shipping, virtual store, hosting,website creation

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easyloade.com provides online mobile recharge to more then 600+ mobile operators in the world.

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We collect online payments for diffrent businesses with zero rates best soultion for freelancers.


brief history of easyloade.com

  • online mobile recharge


    Our Humble Beginnings

    in Afghanistan Hameed Ullah Hamish Started working with HGBL while working he opened a Software Company with Escan antivurs distrabution which was closed due to security problem in Afghanistan!

  • online mobile recharge

    October 2018

    An Agency is Born

    Hameed Ullah Hamish and his friend Hasibullah nayzai started a money transfer company where hasibullah left company due to financial and job problems!

  • online mobile recharge

    Jan 2019

    Transition to Full Service

    Due to some financial problem and banque de france authorization Mahipar limited was not able to start money transfer service then hameed ullah hamish created a mobile top up service webiste!

  • online mobile recharge

    October 2019

    Phase Two Expansion

    easyloade.com open new website and mobile application which provide more service like paypal !

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We always try to bring you best service

online mobile recharge

Hameed Ullah Hamish


online mobile recharge

Larry Parker

Lead Marketer

online mobile recharge

Diana Pertersen

Lead Developer

Mahipar Limited is a French incorporated Company that has been operating in the France with its branches worldwide.

When it comes to point online mobile recharge, which involve a very complicated process, or transferring money from one place to another, or finding supplier or customer in a remote distance we introduce a very strong and secure system to help people and bring them togetherWhen you transfer money, or purchase something online, or sale something but you have no trust on supplier or customer our system is there to help you.

I come with this concept when I started using different companies’ services.It doesn’t matter if your family lives on the other side of the world, you’re traveling, or your best friend is doing work abroad, we make sure you can stay in touch with world.

This is why at easyloade.com, you can refill your own credit and that of your friends and family worldwide. Currently, we’re selling credit from over 400 carriers in more than 140 countries. Easylode.com is a brand of Mahipar limited which was started in 2018.

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