Below you can find our most frequently asked questions.

About Us

Who is Mahipar limited?
Mahipar Limited is a French incorporated company registered with turbinal De Commerce Paris for mobile top Up, Money Transfer, Payments API, Ticket Booking, Payments Collections.
What is easyLoade?
easyLoade is a service of Mahipar Limited that allows you to send credit to any mobile phone in the world. It is fast, simple, reliable and secure!
What is your mailing address?
How I contact for the Help Support line?
You can contact us by more method.

Viber: +33751180271
WhatsApp: +33751180271
Phone: +33751180271
E-mail: Hamish.hamkar@gmail.com
Facebook: Mahipar Limited
Twitter: Mahipar Limited

Payments Method

What forms of payment do you accept?
That all depends on from which country you recharge. During the order process we clearly indicate which payment methods are accepted, including Mastercard, Visa, PayPal.
What is 3D-Secure?
3-D Secure is a global e-commerce solution that enables cardholders to authenticate themselves to their card issuer through the use of a unique personal code/password. When you make a purchase, you may be redirected briefly to your bank/issuer website to enter your 3D-Secure password and when your bank/issuer accepts this, then you are redirected back to our website to complete the purchase. This solution addresses current consumer concerns about the security of online shopping and the high rate of e-commerce fraud and it is designed to take online shopping security and consumer confidence to a new level.

For VISA customers the security check will appear under the name "Verified by VISA". For MASTERCARD customers the security check will appear under the name "MasterCard SecureCode".
Where can I find my invoice?
Invoice will be sent to you through your email provided at the time of top up or already you have registered yourself.
Can I make claim to get my money back?
We offer 100% guarantee if your recipients not receive the top up you can claim for information please see our terms and condition or refunds policy

Placing an order

How can I make an easyLoade?
Send phone credit or data in four simple steps
  1. Choose the country
  2. Select carrier and product
  3. Fill in your information
  4. Pay and receive
After your payment the order will be sent immediately!
Can I recharge any mobile?
Yes, you can recharge any supported mobile phone we have more then 600+ mobile operator first you must check in your country while sending recharge.
How much time it takes to recipient’s sim receive credit?
When your order processed, we are working faster then you expect normally it take 2 minutes
How do I know if my easyLoade was processed?
You will receive a confirmation mail that your easyLoade was processed successfully if not then you will receive your funds back in 48 to 72 hours.
What can I do if I recharged the wrong number?
Unfortunately, we cannot retrieve easyLoade that were sent to the wrong number or operator. These transactions are considered complete and we cannot retrieve or refund them since a successful online payment leads to immediate credit availability on the recharged sim. Please carefully check and double-check the number you enter.
What if my mobile credit order has the status “not Sent”?
first we will double check the reason manual if we not successes then your payments will refund with in 48 to 72 hours.
What I do if I not received the refund 100%?
We are near to you just send us message or call we will be back to help you by our below lines

Viber: +33751180271
WhatsApp: +33751180271
Phone: +33751180271
E-mail: Hamish.hamkar@gmail.com
Facebook: Mahipar Limited
Twitter: Mahipar Limited
Can I refund my order?
When a direct recharge didn't succeed straight away and you don't want to wait any longer, you can request a refund. You can do this by clicking the link in the email we sent you concerning the delay.

When you bought a recharge code but didn't receive it yet, it might be possible that the code is (temporarily) out of stock. In this case you can cancel the order and request a refund too.

When a direct recharge already succeeded or you already received the recharge code, it unfortunately is not possible to cancel the order and request a refund
What are "local taxes"?
A local tax is tax assessed and levied by a local entity or authority such as a state, county, municipality, or a local operator in this case. Local taxes differ according to the the country airtime is sent to. They may cover one, several or all of the taxes below: local operator's fees, VAT, specific municipality taxes, or national taxes in the destination country. The local taxes are not under the control of. The processing fee is what adds to the order value to cover for international transaction costs. The service processing fee will be displayed in the checkout, which is the last step in the purchase process.

Account Information

I lost my password. How can I recover it?
You can visit the forgot my password page link is available in sign in page or you can contact us we will help you as our dedicated help line is 24 hours open.
How do I change my password?
Go to your account and click on my profile tab you can change your password at anytime when you want, or we can also provide you a temp password if you have forgotten your password.
Can I delete my Account?
Yes you can delete your account at any time when you want but your information will be saved in our database for 10 years.
Do you offer any promotion or awards mails phone calls?
No we do not offer any, If you received please report us as these are fraud and never trust them we do not offer anything as promotion or awards if it exist any you will receive notification and can find information of yourself for awards on our official websites.