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Salaam Afghanistan
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Salaam Afghanistan
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Salaam Afghanistan
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Salaam Afghanistan
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About Salaam Afghanistan

Incorporated in 2013, Salaam is the latest entrant in Afghanistan’s telecommunication industry providing a top quality, affordable, 100% Afghanisolution. Envisioned by the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology, Salaamis committed to revolutionize the telecommunication sector in Afghanistan by complementing the nationwide fixed network with 3G GSM voice and data services.

Setting ourselves apart from the competition through our customer-friendly packages without restrictions or tricky charges, Salaam gives its customers the freedom to enjoylowest call rates, both domestic and international, andtrouble-free internet at unbelievable rates without compromising on quality.

Committed to bring peace and prosperity to Afghanistan, Salaam is enthused to keep the whole nation connected to only one network i.e.Salaam, the choice of Afghans.

Salaam has the youngest management team comprising some of the brightest minds in Afghanistan. Our management team is a combination of highly-qualified and enthusiastic professionals from many different backgrounds who approach their work with real energy and passion, bringing vital experience and drive to our operations.

At Salaam, our most valuable asset is our work ethic based on the excellence, diligence and integrity of our team. Our people are core to our success and we aim to build our team with individuals who truly understand our corporate culture and values. Each member in the team is a leader within one’s own sphere of responsibilities, well aware of the common objective. We believe that leadership is not just an assigned designation but an attitude. Similarly, integrity is as instrumental to success as is excellence.

We are proud to have the youngest management team in the telecom sector in Afghanistan. Our 300+ highly qualified, trained and dedicated professionals are inspired to walk the extra mile in their quest to make Salaam a success. Team Salaam is enthused to challenge the prevalent market culture and business practices to set unparalleled standards of professional excellence and business growth thus making Salaam the choice of every Afghan

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