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Investment at Mahipar Limited

Mahipar limited is a newly registered company in France. Our main focus is e-commerce we require investor who can help us to promote and run our business.

1. If you are company or individual and have consumer products to sell worldwide, we can help you to deliver your product worldwide though our selling platform
2. If you want to invest in our money transfer business, then you can get a profitable margin each month from your investment Weather you are shareholder or another company owner no issue we can operate a legal channel to benefit peoples and get profit from our business.

Mahipar limited is currently registered as sole partnership company and no other shareholder exist. If you are interested and want to expend our service you can fixed a meeting with us at Paris.

If you are international investor want to invest in France, we can contact the chamber de commerce et matier France for any opportunity and embassy exist in your country for further discussion after the approval of all concern department we can process your files 50% of capital should be deposited and declared to governments.

Please note that we do not process any kind of visa or any other advance payments if anybody asked you kindly report us the issue and not pay any amount as on internet there a lot of scammers and fraud so please be aware of that.

We go through a proper channel and get information for investing in France from different organization if governmental office agrees on your investment after that we can accept. If we received a negative response, then we cannot process or accept.

Write to us

Sent E-mail : [email protected]

customer E-mail : [email protected]

Visit Our Office

Chez se Domicilier 128 Rue La Boetie 75008 Paris France

Registration number or SIERN

833 487 820